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Draw your Dialogue in The Netherlands

Adinda de Vreede

Adinda de Vreede is the creator and developer of Draw your Dialogue. She lives in the Netherlands and that is where, in 2006, she started visualizing her dialogues with children, students and their parents.

Adinda: "In my work as a student coach, I found out how helpful it was for the students and me, to draw and write down in a structured way the issues my students were dealing with. I was amazed at the quick insights they got which enabled them to solve their own problems or to change their thoughts."

Excited by these results, Adinda started to teach courses for professionals who work with children, young people and adults, in 2008. She taught them how create structure when visualizing a dialogue, and how to determine which template is most helpful and appropriate for the issue at hand.

Many professionals became enthusiastic about visualizing dialogues and told Adinda about their amazing results with their clients. This encouraged Adinda to take the next step and write a book in Dutch:

Draw your Dialogue about Fear of Failure (PICA 2012). That book is now in its 6th edition. Her second book was published in 2014: Draw your Dialogue about Behavior (PICA). It is in its 4th printing. A third book is on its way: Draw your Dialogue about Schoolwork is expected to be published in June of 2018.

Adinda de Vreede also created the Helping Thoughts Cards. They are very popular and selling well in The Netherlands.

Draw your Dialogue about fear of failure
publisher: PICA 2012
Draw your Dialogue about behavior
publisher: PICA 2014
Draw your Dialogue about schoolwork
publisher: PICA 2018

Helping Thought Cards.

English version

Dutch Helping Thoughts Cards
publisher: PICA 2012
Draw your Dialogue is quickly spreading throughout The Netherlands in schools, therapy centers, among occupational therapists, psychologists etc. In 2015, Adinda de Vreede got so many requests for courses, lectures and workshops, that she decided some trainers were needed to help her propagate the method. She selected five people who were trained as official Draw your Dialogue trainers in 2016. They are available for lectures, workshops and 3-day courses in The Netherlands.

Draw your Dialogue is an official training institute, registered by CRKBO

Draw your Dialogue is registered at the Dutch central youth workers register SKJ

Adinda: "I am happy to be ready to start teaching Draw your Dialogue in English. I am sure people from all over the world will benefit from the advantage of visualizing problems in the simple, effective structure this method offers. The three-day course we offer  provides professionals with all the tools they need to implement visualization in their work with all sort of clients.

About Adinda de Vreede:

Adinda is a coach and teacher. She coaches children, young adults and adults. At the moment she works as a student coach in a secondary school where she coaches young adults with behavior problems and issues such as fear of failure. She is also available for advice to their teachers. Adinda also works with families, helping them cope with many types of daily life problems.


Adinda’s training includes certification in/as:

Teacher, Primary school

Teacher, Secondary school

Remedial teaching: learning disabilities, dyslexia

Coaching: behavioral problems and fears

Play therapist

Video Home Interaction for family coaching (using the camera to coach families)

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