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Base Attitude

A feeling of autonomy is important for everyone, and especially for teens and adults. Draw your Dialogue meets this need: you, as a mentor,  will write down only what the problem owner; the explorer, wants, and what he means to say. In this way, the explorer himself can direct the conversation. He gets to determine what will be explored, discussed and written down. This leads to far greater commitment and frankness in the problem owner. The unassuming attitude of the mentor – an underlying attitude that is essential for Draw your Dialogue - offers space and possibilities for the explorer to find his own solutions on the basis of the visual overview that is attained.

   The mentor’s base attitude is:

  • Open and nonjudgmental

  • Leaving relaxed silences (leaving time for the explorer to reflect).

  • Being "lazy" and letting the explorer do most of the thinking!

  • Carefully copying down the thoughts and words of the explorer.

  • Taking the explorer seriously.

  • Warm, providing a safe and pleasant atmosphere.

  • Curiously asking What, How, and When-questions.


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