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Why use Draw your Dialogue? What are the benefits?






The benefits of Draw your Dialogue for the problem-owner/explorer:

Visualizing a conversation offers many extra possibilities; the main one being, that the problem owner literally gets an overview of his problems or what happened. A Drawn Dialogue offers “a new perspective” of the problem or challenge. The problem owner will be able to see the essential problem presented in summarizing words and appropriate colors. Using this new perspective, the problem owner might reach new insight and a new solutions himself. That is why we call the problem owner "the explorer".

​​For the helper:

For the helper or mentor this also means: literally gaining

insight into the problems, but also the power and the

possibilities of the problem owner. This helps you focus the

work and your support. The Dialogue Drawings immediately

and clearly show the essence of each conversation.

They function as a “record”. Anything discussed and investigated

in previous sessions can be quickly and easily revisited. This

helps the following meetings to continue in that flow and

makes them more effective.

Draw your Dialogue helps people of all ages to discover their own potential and to understand and help themselves. The method brings about great willingness in the problem owners to look at their own problems (which are made visible and concrete) and to solve them. People who learn to reflect on their own behavior and its pros and cons, will (permanently) change and control their behavior with more ease and speed. This helps them to grow psychologically stronger and wiser. Draw your Dialogue will improve their sense of responsibility and their problem solving skills, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Adinda de Vreede, author and creator of Draw your Dialogue.

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