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Privacy statement
Who are we? 

Draw your dialogue® is the visualization of a conversation. With symbols, colors and concise descriptions you create a structured, visual account of what is being told. As a counselor or counselor, you will be given a concrete means, whereby you can talk in a structured manner with a child, young person or adult and draw about all kinds of life matters. In the courses, workshops and lectures that we provide you are introduced to the method. The correspondence address of Draw your dialogue is: Noorderstraat 21, 9695 HL Bellingwolde, The Netherlands

Why this privacy statement? 

When registering for an activity, you share a number of information with us. We need this information to communicate with you for the certificate or diploma. We are responsible for handling your personal data with care and we want to be transparent about what this data is used for. 

1. Personal data that we process 

When you register for an activity, we make an agreement with you. By registering, you give us permission to process your data for the specific purpose of following a Draw your dialogue activity. You can always withdraw this permission. 

The following data can be entered, with an * are necessary data: 

a. Place
b. Name* 
c. Mobile number* 
d. E-mail address* 
e. Position 
f. Target group you work with 
g. Company Name
h. Billing address 
i. Email address where invoice must go * 

2. Purposes of the processing of personal data.

The collected data is used to communicate about the activity for which you have registered. In addition, we need the information for the invoice and the certificate or diploma. The (non-mandatory) information about your position and the target group you work with, gives the trainer the opportunity to better tailor the activity to the experience of the trainees.

3. Storage and retention period of personal data

After the activity, the registration forms will be removed within 1 month. There is a form with names and telephone numbers for each activity. This data is retained for a longer period of time because for some activities it must be demonstrated that you have certain basic knowledge. With regard to invoices, we use the retention periods of the tax legislator. We take the protection of personal data seriously and have taken appropriate measures to prevent loss, unauthorized access or unwanted disclosure. 

4. Sharing of personal data

Your data will not be sold or passed on to third parties, unless we have to comply with a legal obligation. 


5. Changes to the privacy statement

This privacy statement (version 1.0) was drawn up on 20 October 2020. Should it change in the future, the Draw your dialogue website will always contain the most current version.

6. Right of complaint

If you do not agree with the way in which we process your personal data or deal with your rights, send an email to

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